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 How the Metal Trades Council Works.

The Metal Trades Council (MTC) at Pantex was chartered on August 21, 1951.
The MTC has a long and honorable history. The MTC has been representing the production and maintenance workers for 54 years. Most recently we added the Radiation Technicians to the MTC and are working to add the Occupational Nurses in the medical department.
So, how does the MTC work to represent members in 12 different International Unions listed .
The original goal was to have an organization that would bargain a single contract instead of 12 separate ones. The organization formed to accomplish that mission was a department in the AFL-CIO called the Metal Trades Department (MTD). The Current President of the MTD is Mr. Ron Ault.
Bylaws were established for the MTC, not to conflict with the Internationals bylaws. The bylaws established that each International Union represented at Pantex would have up to six (6) delegates to represent its membership. These delegates would take the wishes of its Local members to the MTC meetings and vote accordingly on all issues. Any Union member may attend a MTC meeting, but only delegates can cast a vote.
The Officers and negotiation team members are elected from the pool of delegates. Every Local Union has at minimum, two (2) votes to cast in elections or roll call votes. Each member running for office must carry a majority of votes cast by the delegates in order to win. Votes from one local Union will not get one elected.
Union Stewards are elected by their peers in the Local Union. Once they are elected, they work for the MTC leadership. Stewards have the authority to resolve issue with the supervisors. One of the big misconceptions is the power a Union Steward possesses. By law, the Union Steward has the same authority on the MTC side as Division Managers have on the company side. They are equals when they are doing union business. The MTC President and Vice President have the same authority as General and Deputy General Managers.
Look for future updates as to how the MTC works for you and your family.


 Meeting Times:


Every 2nd Monday of the month AT 7:00 P.M.
200 Fannin Street
Amarillo, Texas 79106
Telephone (806) 477-4948
FAX (806) 477-6711



P.O. Box 30759

Amarillo, TX 79120


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